Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tax Norways Proof of Concept

Why a Proof of Concept?

Continual Aggregate Hub and Processing
In our Target Architecture there is one central part (we will test out concepts from Continual Aggregate Hub, "Restaurant" and Aggregate Storage) and it has to do with tax and fee calculation. It does collection, assessment and calculation in one scalable architecture, and this has to be flexible as to collecting new types of information and putting new calculations on them. We believe it is unlikely that we find some COTS in this area, as this data and its rules are highly domestic and decided by our fellow politicians.
Our priorities:
  1. Maintenance - Modular, clear and clean functional code
  2. Testable - Full test coverage
  3. Speed - Liner scalable. Cost of HW determine speed, not development time.
Yes we can!
We have seen that there are so many properties in the large scale financial architectures (as the ones John Davies has talked about in several talks over the years) that are similar to ours, that we have to find out if our domain and challenges can be solved with this.
This is really the core of the PoC; we have to play, test and learn what this architecture is like for our domain and how it affects our ability to change. We need to show this to our stakeholders; business, architects, operations, programmers, designer etc. We must have this experience to leverage risk in planning, understand the cost, to be able to communicate between these groups, and to be able to describe in more detail.
In practice we do a full volume test for 2009 and 2010, but with limited amounts of basic data and business rules, and not fully end-to-end. We will tackle the core challenges, with a small rule set, and also have a "version 1" blue-print for new business initiatives we know will be coming. We target 2 years in memory, and assessment and tax calculation at 5000 tps. We target HW costs at 10% of todays level.
It is a playground for new technology. We are testing the domain solved in this type of architecture, and it is not a test of a product. Any acquisition of product will be done later.

Just do it
Late spring this year we opened a bid for participating in this Proof of Concept, where we presented our thoughts about the target architecture (We have gotten a lot of good feedback on this :-) ). EDB/Ergo, Bekk won the bid, and they teamed up with Incept5.
We are starting with Gemfire as the processing architecture, and as much plain vanilla pojo as we can. We will be working on this through January 2012. This will rock!

2012.01.22: The results are here, and will be presented at Software 2012.

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