This a blog is about what we are doing at Tax Norway within the Enterprise Architecture efforts.
It is important with transparency into what we are doing. There are many reasons for this:
  • a broader discussion around our designs, decisions and observations
  • to reach international expertise and tax administrations
  • make the right people interested in working at us
  • make consultancy firms better able to understand our needs
  • as an governmental organization, openness and sharing is an important aspect
The blog is written by me, and has a rather personal url. I am not personal in the blog, but I write about issues that concern me, and that is pretty much in-line with how the Architectural Group perceive the world.  Also what I write about, are things learned and experienced together with a very talented group of people. As a minimum I must mention; Torstein Talleraas, Anne Lise Furmyr, Tore Hovland, Camilla Roark and Geir Romundset.
When we are better equipped with a more pubic Tax Admin site for this type of media, the blog may be moved there.