Thursday, April 14, 2011

New tools, old methods. A masons story

We got all these new tools, but we must also change the way our developers and architects solve problems with it. We got to understand new tools and methods to actually make better software systems. Eg. Classes with 6000 lines, bad separation of concern between layers or components, no clue of MVC, no interfaces, etc.

As an example from constructing a house:
You have descided to construct a house in wood. All your requirements point in that direction. But all you got are masons. How do you think that house would look like without the proper training (or on-site inspection of an existing wooden house)?

A house in wood is constructed very differently than a house in bricks. You first build a frame with beams, then insulate and cover with boards.  The mason would probably lay every bean horizontaly with mortar in between. It would surely be a costly house, and would have none of the qualities we originaly specified this to have. Also the masons would think you where an idiot.
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